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What is large business energy?

Large business energy is a dedicated, bespoke service to businesses that use more than 100,000 kWh’s per year or have half hourly meters.

Energy suppliers offer large energy users different energy plans to help manage and reduce their energy demand and costs.

Large business energy customers can choose from several different type of tariffs.

Fixed Energy ProcurementĀ to buy energy when the market is low and upto a year in advance of renewal dates.

Flexible Energy Procurement to assist in making multiple purchasing decisions during or before an energy contract start date.

Energy Buying GroupsĀ for small and medium businesses who do not have the energy usage to buy flexibly.

large business energy

For advice, energy related queries and quotes, speak to our energy experts today or call us for a bespoke half hourly meter or large gas quotes.

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Why do you need a bespoke quote?

If a business has half hourly meters, this means energy will be used over different time bands and seasons.

For example, manufacturers may use more energy in summer months than winter months for their production lines. Production lines may increase or change which will have an affect on energy prices.

This also means a business will need to ensure it does not exceed volume tolerances, in line with contract terms and conditions. A typical energy contract includes a 20% over and below contract usage. This means a business will need expert advice to analyse energy usages and work with energy suppliers to develop a bespoke quote for businesses.

Need assistance?

The best way to review the different types of large business energy contracts is to speak with our Corporate Division. They will assist with all your large energy needs.